Anonymous said: So if this bloge is no longer doge but you're still reblogging random things, what makes this blog different from your personal? Legit question and "nothing" is an acceptable response.

I legit have no idea what I’m going to do with this blog. I don’t feel like I should just suddenly make it my personal, considering I still have 31K followers who want dat dere doge.

At this point in time it’s in limbo, I’m still running my personal at the moment, and I’m not going to abandon that.

About 15 people have contacted me expressing their desire to take ownership, and that I’m okay with, they probably care about it more than I do.

Anonymous said: Did you make the doge meme?

No. But this blog did contribute to it’s rise in popularity mid 2013 to early 2014

pincho32 said: If you're sick of posting only doge stuff, might I suggest shifting ownership to somebody who isn't sick of it? No offense to you, of course. Just a suggestion :)

I’ve considered it a lot actually, but I’ve never found any takers, if any of my followers want to run this thing, hmu m8s.

Anonymous said: "this meme is dumb and overused but still keep following me because im going to turn this into a personal blog and im not funny enough to have this many followers on my own" i dont really give a fuck about this dumb meme anymore. it was funny after a few days but that's honestly what you sound like rn looool

^ I’m a professional piece of shit.

Nah bruh I’m still running my personal blog, I’m just don’t feel like doing this shibe thing anymore

Oh and I dgaf if you want to follow me or not, if you came for the doge, leave now, because there’s only going to be less and less.

Anonymous said: Have my babies [;


Anonymous said: I like the blog owner.

Thank you bæ, I like you too, random anon

big-smelly-willy said: The meme is not dead. Doge will live forever.

Whatever you say pal, but I think we can all agree it has lost it’s flair.

Anonymous said: Where are all the doge posts? I'm sad.

There might be a few, but I don’t know man, follow another doge bloge if it matters that much to you.

planetfucker said: let me cum in tha bum of ya mum

this fuckin guy

Anonymous said: stop this madness

It has only just begun my friend


Cats in piles






probably-immortal said: I never liked the doge meme why the FUCK am I following this blog (I love it really) I fucking hate it


Anonymous said: we dont want not doge.

Then leave