crackmolestor said: *nuzzles snout

i swear to god you all want to fight me dont you

based on true story wow

based on true story wow

Anonymous said: PONIES

u wanna fight m8

doxumentary said: Why you getting all these asks

Because I’m a pretty bitch

mynipplesarehuge said: Ummm, doge? Do you think that Timmy Turner's dad is hot? Asking for a friend of course, I don't watch children shows. What's a Timmy Turner anyways? But yeah my friend wants to know if you think the same way about Timmy Turner's dad. Thanks. Doge is love, doge is life.

It’s always the dutch that ask these kinds of questions

Anonymous said: the time we had together was great, but no doge = no followers


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Anonymous said: ¿How is it going?

It’s going alright, random anon


such wealth
so money


such wealth

so money

Anonymous said: ilysm marry me

no can do

wowsuchbands said: How do you feel about ass?

eat it everyday as part of a balanced diet

What the fuck up

Aight a lot of people have messaged me over my offer of taking over this blog. Guess what, this is my primary blog, and I found out I can’t just switch my secondary and my primary blogs and give someone else access.

So that kinda sucks, sorry to everyone looking to take over this blog, I’m sure you’d be a 10/10 doge coordinator.

I guess I’m stuck with this thing